Without Borders

The entrepreneurial spirit and the financial resources are not sufficient to create new companies in disadvantage areas on the world. Man.Se.F. Onlus has technical competences and industrial experience to assist the Local Proposers in evaluating their ideas, costs, markets, planning and managing their activities, according to the CSR approach.

Man.Se.F. Onlus is a NGO incorporated in Italy by senior managers with skills and previous experiences in industry, finance and international institutions to support mainly communities and entrepreneurs in Less Developed Countries and in Transition Economies toward their sustainable development.

Non Profit

Man.Se.F. Onlus excluding any profit purpose, carries out  philantropic activities. The aim is achieved through the work done by members and/or volunteers, providing their skills and professional experience, support and assist with the sole aim to alleviate the conditions of the poorest regions of the Earth.
Members &

The Man.Se.F. Onlus Members are natural and legal persons who share the same common objectives of fighting poverty in the disadvantage countries of the earth.
They offer their management skills and co-finance the realization of small entrepreneurial initiatives, pursuing sustainable development, in accordance with the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance values and behaviors.

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Man.Se.F. Onlus realizes the projects approved by Members of the Board of Directors. Moreover, Man.Se.F. Onlus has a network of Professional Experts sharing the same ethical principles and experiences in specific projects.

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Here you will find: the events as Conferences and Workshops and Meetings where Man.Se.F. Onlus is speaker or participant; and the daily life of our Nonprofit Association.