On Going Projects

Even though the projects carried on by Man.Se.F. Onlus in LDCs are simple in the application of technologies and low-carbon content, the procedure to realize a Small Company or a Small Unit of Production from a Project is complex, as it happens to decide an investment in industrialized countries. The following are the main Social and environmental projects Man.Se.F. Onlus is developing:

India: Coimbatore

To generate income for the local people through manufacturing edible oils, cakes and shells from coconuts.

Lebanon: Bekaa Valley

Support to small farmers producing cherries.

Impact Investment Fund

A feasibility study of an Impact Investment Fund to invest early stage of social enterprises in Latina America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South-Eastern Asia.

Ecuador: Imbabura

Reforestation and sustainable development of the Chontal Alto’s Community.

Italy: Associazione Quarto C'è

To support the social and economic development of a degraded district of the Municipality of Milan.

Perù: Cajamarca

Valorisation of El Tarwi: a pre-Columbian traditional food.