The Cooperation Agreements

MAN.SE.F. Onlus has developed an international network to identify and manage the projects in which it believes. At present, 3 institutional and professional partnerships are active.

EU-Plan E.E.I.GEuropean Economic Interest Group for the technical assistance and the strategic development of the Balkans and the Mediterranean area.
EU-Plan is a group of institutions and private companies setting programs for the sustainable development of local SMEs and for the creation of both private and public partnerships to better integrate science, industry and management for the local growth.
Trieste (I)
Fondazione Giovanni Paolo IIPromoted and chaired by the retired Bishop of Fiesole, Monsignor Luciano Giovannetti. Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II is a humanitarian institution born from the Catholic world in Italy. Resting on the strong moral and financial consensus of important supporters, among them “Conferenza Episcopale Italiana”, it works on humanitarian projects in less developed countries, particularly in the Middle East. Arezzo (I)
CarbonSinkGroup S.r.l.Service company with professional competences and experiences such as to identify, implement and negotiate with local and international competent authorities, CO2 emissions projects for regulated markets (CDMs) and voluntary markets (Gold Standard, VCS). La Spezia (I)