Brazil: small facility to extract crude oil from babaçu palm nuts.

Sustainable Development is MAN.SE.F. Onlus’ keyword. In fact , MAN.SE.F. Onlus’ aims at supporting the creation of new small enterprises or small units of production in LDCs, to generate economic and social wealth for local communities, encouraging the responsible use of the local raw materials, according to the governance policy based on: the respect for healthy and safe practices for workers, not exploiting children for the labour, and so on.

MAN.SE.F. Onlus supports free of charge the proposers to present to the investors (private investors, impact investment funds or international financial institutions) a reasonable “long term business plan”, through appropriate calculations enhancing financial and economic resources.
Moreover, MAN.SE.F. Onlus could finance with its “seed money” the first step of the proposal and could assist the proposers in the beginning phases of the start up and in penetrating the end users markets in Europe.

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