How Man.Se.F. Operates

As indicated, specific attention is payed to foster and finance the entrepreneurial spirit of young Persons supporting their sustainable development and their social responsibility.

Frequently, the above mentioned activities, even if carried out under philanthropic basis, do not secure sustainability to any project carried out, so after a short time the valuable and benefit useful effects to people and communities are destined to get lost

In order to avoid such risk, MAN.SE.F. supports the local development of Persons and Communities (named as “Proposers”) offering them – on a voluntary and philanthropic basis and mainy within the framework of specific project and programmes – 5 key factors of success:
• the identification of a Proposer, reliable and committed to the principles of social and environmental responsibility of his/her targets of the Project;
• the identification of the product the Proposer would like to realize, although with simple and low carbon technologies, but with the technical specifications, the current regulations and the certifications required;
• the analysis of the Total Available Market, the Served Market, the potential Market Share and the Sales originated by the Project; • the definition of the manufacturing process to meet the required specifications, the suitable equipment and the procedures for process and quality controls;
• the “Long Term Plan” including the Budget, with its Profit and Loss Statement, its Balance Sheet and the Financial Cash Flow.
If the “Long Term Plan meets the economic, social and environmental requirements, MAN.SE.F. will carry on identifying the available Industrial, Trading and Financial Partners.