The Man.Se.F. Onlus Members are natural and legal persons who share the same common objectives of fighting poverty in the disadvantage countries of the earth.
They offer their management skills and co-finance the realization of small entrepreneurial initiatives, pursuing sustainable development, in accordance with the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance values and behaviors.

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Man.Se.F. Onlus realizes the projects approved by Members of the Board of Directors. Moreover, Man.Se.F. Onlus has a network of Professional Experts sharing the same ethical principles and experiences in specific projects.

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The Management Tem

The key factor of success to create a social enterprise is the good management! MAN.SE.F. Onlus is at present so structured:

Graziano Bertogli

Chairman of the Board

Graziano is a nuclear engineer with past executive responsibilities at U.N.I.D.O. in Mexico, Argentina and Vietnam and he was Deputy Managing Director of the International Centre for Science & Technology in Trieste. He is Advisor of Socio Economic Secretary of Italia Latin America Institute.

Tel. +39 3479838087

Belisario Merolle

Board Director

Belisario has been an Executive for Strategic and Marketing Planning in the mechanical industry. Moreover he had been M&A Director at Compagnia Finanziaria SpA (controlled by IFIL and Pirelli Group) and Responsible for the Industrial Shareholdings & Interests of Banca Intesa SpA. Belisario is graduated in law being fluent in English and French.

Tel. +39 3355447016

Raffaele Pristerà

Board Director

Raffaele is Electric Engineer and at present he is Responsible of the Maintenance Services of the Bus & Trucks Department of ATM S.p.A., the public utility company of the Milan Metropolitan Area. He is responsible of the technology assessment in Onlus.

Tel. +39 3776712070



Egildo, 57 Years old, Graduated in Economics at the Genoa University in Italy.
He’s Senior Executive with past experience as CFO in the steel and financial industry in Italy and Greece; at present he is Member of “the Consulting Committee” and Chair of the “Steel Industry Committee” of Federmanager, the Italian Industrial Management Federation.

Tel. +39 3480720559

Our Memberships

MAN.SE.F. Onlus is member of two international Associations oriented to the Impact Investing:

Our Partners

Man.Se.F. Onlus is well linked to selected Partners with the same mission and strategy:

EU-Plan E.E.I.G

EU-Plan E.E.I.G - European Economic Interest Group for the technical assistance and the strategic development of the Balkans and the Mediterranean area. Based in Trieste - I, EU-Plan is a group of institutions and private companies who set up programs for the sustainable development of local SMEs and for the creation of public-private partnerships to better integrate science, industry and management for the local growth.

Carbon Sink Group S.r.l.

Carbon Sink Group S.r.l. is a service company with professional competencies and experiences aimed to identify, implement and negotiate with Local and International Competent Authorities, CO2 emissions projects for Regulated Markets (CDMs) and Voluntary Markets (Gold Standard, VCS). Their headquarter is in La Spezia (I).

Universidad de Guadalajara

Based on the St. Thomas College, founded in 1591 in Guadalajara (Jalisco- Mexico), Fray Antonio Alcalde y Barriga, Bishop of Nueva Galicia, created in 1791 a university similar to that in Salamanca, the Real y Literaria Universidad de Guadalajara, with Lectures in Medicine and Law. The University of Guadalajara is now vigorous community of more than 300 thousand students attending the 422 vocational, high school, undergraduate and graduate academic programs the University offers.

Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II

Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II promoted and chaired by the retired Bishop of Fiesole, Monsignor Luciano Giovannetti, is a humanitarian institution born from the Catholic world in Italy. It rests on the moral and financial consensus of strong supporters like “Conferenza Episcopale Italiana”. They promote humanitarian projects in less developed countries, particularly in the Middle East. Their headquarter is in Arezzo – I.

Other Information

Man.Se.F. Onlus is an Nonprofit Organization incorporated according to the Italian Law.
Please download the formal documents.