Beginning of
Man.Se.F. Onlus activities

Since the beginning of its activities, MAN.SE.F. started to commit itself towards social projects to alleviate the poverty of children in Brazil:


Brazil: São Paolo State

CRĚCHE – “Creche e Maternal Abelinha” of Parque Paradiso, in the city of Itaperica da Serra, São Paulo State.
MANSEF Onlus co-financed and co-managed the foundation of the “Day Care Centre” for more than 100 children, now endowed with school, cafeteria and health care services.

“Escola e Laboratòrio” of Pedregal

Brazil: Cearà State

“Escola e Laboratòrio” of Pedregal, a bairro of the municipality of Aracati, in the Cearà State. In cooperation with “Associazione Tremembè Onlus”, Trento – I.
This structure welcomes, respects, supports and fights to defend human rights, especially rights of children and adolescents at risk and it is against child labor (landfill waste, washing machine), family violence and sexual abuse.

Entrepreneurial Activities

Then MAN.SE.F. defined better its strategy to support the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit of local people letting them create their own socio-economic wealth and to enhance the development of the private sector in the Emerging Economies:

Brazil: Maranhão State

Associação das Quebradeiras de Coco do Municipio de São José dos Basilios”, Maranhão State of Brazil. Activities performed: assistance to reorganize and to develop a small facility to extract crude oil from Babaçu palm nuts.

Paraguay: Ministerio de Industria y Comercio

The project, funded by U.N.I.D.O., structured a Multilateral Credit Line for SMEs to reinforce the local Private Sector.


Brazil: Cearà State

“Cocoss Nucifera Project”, at Icapuì, Cearà State of Brazil: it is a small plant whose aim is to dispose and process coconut, in order to produce natural fertilizers and insulating fibers for applications in agriculture and industry, in cooperation with Associazione Tremembè Onlus, Trento-I.

Italy: Genoa

Man.Se.F. Onlus realized the Business Plan and the incorporation of  RECMIR S.r.L. whose business is to select and extract critical minerals from WEEEs, employing disadvantage people in its staff.

Sri Lanka: Gampaha District

The project has been guaranteed by a microcredit line offered by Man.Se.F. Onlus to a new Entrepreneur, come back from Italy. He has rented 10 hectares of land, planted coconuts, recruited 5 local workers for cultivating and selling the nuts to the local producers of natural ingredients for the detergent industry.

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