MAN.SE.F. Onlus realizes the projects chosen by the Members the Board of Directors and the other members of the team. Moreover, MAN.SE.F. Onlus has a network of Professional Experts sharing the same ethical principles and experiences in specific projects.If you are interested in joining the team of MAN.SE.F. Onlus, you can send your curriculum vitae in the Proposer section.

Graziano Bertogli


Foto Graziano Bertogli

Graziano is a nuclear engineer and used to be Industrial Development Projects Manager of the U.N. in several Countries such as: Mexico, Uganda, Vietnam, and Mediterranean Countries where he arranged more than € 120.0 mn of credit lines for SMEs. Then Graziano became Deputy Managing Director of the UNIDO’s International Centre for Science & Technology in Trieste – I. At present he is Advisor of Socio Economic Secretary of Italia Latin America Institute 

You can contact Graziano Bertogli at:

MAN.SE.F. Onlus Office; 4, Piazza Tommaseo, 34121 Trieste – Italy                                                                                                                                      

 T. +39 040 3481354   ,   + 39 347 9838087        E.

Belisario Merolle


Belisario Merolle

Belisario was responsible for Strategic and Marketing Planning as Top Manager in the mechanical industry. Moreover he had been M&A Director of Compagnia Finanziaria SpA (controlled by IFIL and Pirelli Group) and Responsible for the Industrial Shareholdings & Interests of Banca Intesa SpA. Belisario is graduated in law and speaks English and French.

You can contact Belisario Merolle at:

MAN.SE.F. Onlus’ Office, Via Meda 2, 20141 Milan (I)

  1. +39.02.45478486


Raffaele Presterà


Raffaele Pristerà

Raffaele is Electric Engineer and at present he is Responsible of the Maintenance Services of the Bus & Trucks Department of ATM S.p.A., the public utility company of the Milan Metropolitan Area. You can find Raffaele Pristerà at:

MAN.SE.F. Onlus Office; 22, Piazza Luigi di Savoia – 20124 Milano – Italy                                                                                                       T. +39 02 45478486 – +39 377 6712070                                                                                                                                                             E.

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