Coltiviamo Sviluppo

MAN.SE.F. Onlus is a NGO incorporated in Italy by senior managers with skills and previous experiences in industry, finance and international institutions to support mainly communities and entrepreneurs in Less Developed Countries and in Transition Economies toward their sustainable development.

The Non-Profit Association

The Association, excluding any profit purpose, exclusively pursuits of charitable purposes. The aim is achieved through the work done by members and/or volunteers, providing their skills and professional experience, support and assist with the sole aim to alleviate the conditions of the poorest regions of the Earth, and particularly in Latin America,....

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is MAN.SE.F. Onlus’ keyword. In fact , MAN.SE.F. Onlus’ aims at supporting the creation of new small enterprises or small units of production in LDCs, to generate economic and social wealth for local communities, encouraging the responsible use of the local raw materials, according to the governance policy based on: the respect for ...

About us

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Our mission

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