Man.Se.F. Onlus

Good management is the fact of success to realize enterprises
with social impact in disadvantage areas of the world.

Our Projects

Man.Se.F. Onlus excluding any profit purpose, carries out  philantropic activities. The aim is achieved through the work done by members and/or volunteers, providing their skills and professional experience, support and assist with the sole aim to alleviate the conditions of the poorest regions of the Earth.


Sustainable Development

This section illustrates the governance and the administrative principles Onlus adopts for its managerial performance.

This section reports the events, the projects, the meetings Man.Se.F. Onlus organizes and/or participites.

Each three montes Man.Se.F. Onlus publishes its “NEWSLETTERS”, NEWS on the BOS’s meetings and the general assembly are reported here.

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